Music Inc nominated for a TIGA award

Music Inc, an app based game developed by Aardman Animations for UK Music and the Intellectual Property Office, has been nominated for a 2014 TIGA Award in the Game with Purpose Category.

TIGA's Games Industry Awards shortlist the best games in the industry over the last 12 months, highlighting best practice and reward those in the industry contributing to its long-term innovation. The winners will be announced on 6th November at a ceremony in London.

Music Inc is free educational game that has led nearly 200,000 young players into the world of the modern music industry. Letting them compete on a Facebook leader-board, Music Inc. asks them to respond to choices that affect the outcome of game-play.  In a simulation of the real music business players have to account for banking and loan decisions, management of IP, copyright infringement, marketing and song release, and investment in talent and staff.

It challenges young people to manage emerging artists and guide them to a successful music career. Taking control of everything from song-writing and styling to recording and releasing songs, players will see the impact every decision has on their artists’ career development and their music business.

The app is a collaborative project between UK Music, the Intellectual Property Office and Aardman Animations.  It is designed to educate young people about the modern music industry and to let them experience the challenges of doing business in the digital age.

Jo Dipple, CEO of UK Music said:

“I am thrilled that Music Inc has been recognised by TIGA. We developed this game to educate and inspire young people about the business of modern music. The challenge was to make investment and banking choices fun for game play.  We wanted young players to feel emotionally attached to decisions around their intellectual property.  It’s obviously working as we’ve had nearly 200,000 downloads.  We are developing a new version of Music Inc. to deepen the accuracy of how the game reflects current business.”

 Baroness Neville-Rolfe, Minister for the Intellectual Property Office said:

“The UK has a world leading music industry with globally recognised artists, something which we are all extremely proud of.  As a nation that invests more in ideas than factories or machinery, getting protection of their work and its value right, is vital for a vibrant and successful economy.

“Music Inc is a brilliant collaboration between UK Music, Aardman Animations and the Intellectual Property Office that helps capture young people’s imagination and makes them think about copyright and its importance to the creative industries. This nomination is recognition of this innovative approach and I am delighted to welcome it”.

Dan Efergan, Creative Director, from Aardman Animations said:

“Music Inc. has been an exceptional journey, one we’re still deep into.  The idea started dealing with a difficult subject – piracy, but quickly grew into a mission to educate and inspire a generation about the whole of the music industry.  The final product turned out to be a corker of a game, something we’re very proud of and something we’re going to continue to strive to make even better, combining fun with function.”

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