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04.10.2023: Founder of PeakMusicUK Eve Horne discusses how the company aims to change the gender-balance of UK music production through education and support.

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04.10.2023: Founder of PeakMusicUK Eve Horne discusses how the company aims to change the gender balance of UK music production through education and support.

“PeakMusicUK (PMUK), a community interest company (CIC), is a unique education and development organisation that focuses on the personal and professional development of female, gender expansive, woc, marginalised and underrepresented producers, songwriters and artists.

As a singer, songwriter, producer, award-winning creative mentor and advisor and Executive Director of the Music Producers Guild (MPG) I wanted PMUK to inspire and empower the creative community and be dedicated to challenging inequality across the music industry.

To help to increase the representation and visibility of women and gender expansive creatives PMUK has set up the Unheard Academy. The Academy provides education, training and development programs to help female and gender expansive creatives to feel comfortable and confident learning music production skills in a male dominated industry. We do this through accessible online training using the digital audio workstation Ableton, which is delivered by female-identifying Ableton-certified trainers, one-to-one mentoring and masterclasses delivered by industry professionals.

PMUK understand the importance of long-term development and have therefore introduced a three-tier program starting at beginner going through to intermediate and advanced. This system offers consistency and a 3D approach to in-depth knowledge of the digital audio workstation (DAW) by demonstrating multiple uses and approaches to the same practical application.

We support participants long-term development and wellbeing through our collaboration with Help Musicians.

We also deliver important and much needed education around inputting the correct metadata. Having recently worked alongside PRS for Music in the development of the Get Paid Guide, we demonstrate the importance of understanding the role of collective management organisations and independent management agencies, such as PPL, PRS for Music and MCPS, making sure music creators learn how to get paid correctly and highlighting the importance of making it good practice.

PeakMusicUK also contributes to broader efforts to address gender imbalances and increase diversity in the music industry. At present, the statistics for female producers in the UK stands at just under 3% out of the top 100. A stat we aim to change.

By actively working to change that statistic through education and collaboration, we are helping to build a more inclusive and representative music community and industry as a whole.

Overall, PMUK delivers much-needed services that address these barriers and provides an opportunity for women and gender expansive individuals to develop their skills and pursue their goals in the music industry.

To learn more about their initiatives, guest on the podcast or to join the Unheard Academy, visit their website at or “

Eve is also on the board and senate of the Ivor’s Academy through their Advocacy Accelerator programme and was enlisted into the Music Week Women In Music Roll Of Honour 2022.

Find out more about UK Music’s Diversity work here.

Follow Peak Music on Twitter/X here and on YouTube here.

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