Harassment in the Workplace

People across the entertainment industries have recently been speaking out about sexism, sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination suffered in the workplace. Thousands have shared their stories across social media using the hashtags #metoo, #himthough and others.

Representing the music industry, UK Music takes these issues seriously and promotes best practice across all areas of the industry.

UK Music supports and signposts to the Musicians’ Union’s Safe Space resource for responding to any individual experiences of harassment. This resource is open to all in the music business, not just MU members. MU provide a clear, independent and universally accessible way to raise any personal experiences to experienced responders.

We have signed up to the MU and Incorporated Society of Musicians’ Code of Practice.

The principles aim to eradicate bullying, harassment and discrimination within the industry and promote a positive working culture.

The Code was written after the #MeToo movement prompted the MU to gather reports of sexism, sexual harassment and abuse from across the industry, which they labelled ‘deeply concerning’ and made it clear that ‘radical change’ was necessary.

The full Code can be found here.

If you work in music and have faced any harassment issues in your workplace, whether you are a musician or working in a music business capacity, you can contact the MU for confidential advice and support.

More information on the help the MU offers is available here or contact safespace@theMU.org for advice or to make a report (anonymously if preferred).  No action will be taken on your behalf without your prior consent.

For other services available for performers in the music industry more information and support is available at https://www.ism.org and https://www.equity.org.uk

If you would like impartial advice on process and procedures for reporting harassment in the workplace please visit http://www.acas.org.uk/index.aspx?articleid=6078

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