We have had some great pledges from across the industry since the Charter launched earlier this year.

Find out what the founding signatories and UK Music members have pledged to do:

UK Music:

1. Prioritise a skills and training agenda that allows for a diverse workforce

2. Promote a diverse pool of talent through the UK Music Apprenticeship Programme.

3. Encourage mentoring from industry executives to support every employee and every applicant irrespective of background or class

4. Work on improving routes into the industry for young people and offer employment practices that actively seek a diverse workforce.

5. Develop the UK Music’s Rehearsal Spaces and schools outreach programme to educate young people about routes into the industry.

6. Commit to working with every organisation that can help us improve diversity in our workforce.



AIM has been steadfast in its desire to promote equality and diversity in the music industry and has adopted progressive strategies that have enabled it to produce an inclusive environment for its members, board, staff and business partners from all backgrounds.

AIM hosts a range of innovative industry events that are specifically designed to meet the ongoing challenge of encouraging greater diversity and equality by providing a broad section of industry executives from socio-economic backgrounds that are underrepresented in senior decision-making management roles in the industry with the skills to empower them to develop to their full potential.

AIM is developing a number of new initiatives to further improve equality and diversity at senior positions in the industry including, (a) inviting talented individuals from a broad range of backgrounds to gain experience of senior management operations by attending AIM Board meetings as non-voting participants, (b) continuing to develop and widen inclusion to more individuals and groups at the AIM Women in Music Event,  (c) developing new programmes and strategies with third party institutions that encourages persons from underrepresented groups to apply for internships, work placements and job vacancies and (d) offering free public speaking training for women in music (and in particular targeting those from under represented backgrounds and ethnicities), in order to address the lack of diversity at industry conferences, with AIM itself committing to aim for a 50% gender split on all AIM conferences.



BASCA has put Equality & Diversity at the forefront of its work and it is now one of their core campaign issues

BASCA will also continue to support an intern programme with its Academic Supporters. They bring in young people into business which gives the interns a properly paid post for anything up to a year, whilst they are studying on their music business degrees. Wherever possible BASCA have created permanent positions for them or at the very least have enabled them to make contacts so they have stayed in the music industry.

BASCA continue to ensure their panels for events, and also judging panels for the Ivor Novello awards, the Gold Badge Awards, and the British Composer Awards, are diverse as possible.

BASCA published important research into ‘Equality and Diversity in New Music Commissioning’ in 2016 and has since distributed it in various conferences and partnership events.

BASCA has organised a ‘Diversity In Composition’ day on 19th October 2016 with BBC Radio3 which was filled with seminars, speeches, performances and broadcasts focussed on composers from BAME backgrounds. BASCA has since continued to develop a key partnership with BCC to reach out to a more diverse group.

BASCA is working on its Academic Supporter Scheme, targeting at digital members with a younger age group, it has now included more than 800 students.

BASCA Trust Fund for young studio writers and producers, aiming to appeal to urban electronic genres, and reaching out to greater diversity applicant. So far 20% of all applicants are from BAME backgrounds.

BBC Singers and the BASCA has opened a Europe-wide call for scores from Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) composers. A concert featuring works by BAME composers selected via the open call will take place on 6 October.


The BPI:

1. BPI is a leading member of the Diaspora roundtable discussions which provide a unique opportunity for the record industry to regularly engage with an ever-growing number of organisations and personnel which represent the diversity of the UK's multi-cultural music industry. The forum allows us to directly participate in discussions that highlight the challenges and opportunities experienced by artists from within the black, Asian and ethnic minority communities. We look forward to strengthening the work of this forum in 2012.

2. BPI will undertake an audit of the entry routes currently available to young people looking to work in the record industry to ensure that candidates from all backgrounds have the opportunity to work in the business. We will further seek to develop an inclusive apprenticeship scheme to assist young people in gaining a nationally recognised qualification and valuable working experience in the industry.


MPA (Music Publishers Association):

The MPA recognises and values diversity and difference.

The MPA will not discriminate on the grounds of gender, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy, maternity or paternity, race, ethnic origin, colour, nationality, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief, age, or any other point of difference.

The MPA encourages an environment in which individual differences and the contributions of all our employees, Board and committee members, and music publisher members are recognised and valued by;

• encouraging diversity amongst our employees, Board and committee members and music publisher members so we will be truly representative of all sections of society.

• promoting equality and fairness for all in our employment whether part-time, full-time or temporary.

• continuing to ensure panels for events, conferences and seminar are diverse as possible.

• continuing to expand our outreach in order to ensure that people from diverse backgrounds are aware of the opportunities that exist within the MPA and the music industry as a whole.

The MPA is a signatory to the Equality & Diversity Charter for Music and strives to be a fair and inclusive employer. We welcome applications from all backgrounds and appoint on merit.



The MPG is a voluntary organisation run entirely by its own members, as such it does not employ a workforce, although within its membership the MPG is committed to seeking greater ethnic and gender diversity through broadening the resources it offers.


The Musicians' Union:

1. Rolling out further activism training for under-represented groups within the entertainment industry.

2. Calling for elections to the Committee.

3. Promoting trade union membership to under-represented sectors within membership such as British Asian musicians.



1. PPL will continue to provide opportunities to people from diverse backgrounds through continuing to expand the places in which opportunities within PPL are advertised.

2. PPL will establish working relationships with organisations who help to maximise opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds.

3. PPL will continue to support and grow its apprenticeship programme. It will look to create apprenticeship standards and where possible create permanent roles following an apprenticeship.

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