Equality & Diversity

Meritocracy Dinner Series

Young Music Boss presents ‘Meritocracy’ quarterly dinner series, in partnership with UK Music.

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Meritocracy is an exclusive music industry dinner networking event for young music industry professionals (under 30) to get together and disseminate innovative ideas. At the heart of ‘Meritocracy’ is the realisation that young music industry professionals, particularly those in non-traditional roles, are often excluded from shaping the narratives and infrastructure of the music business. Meritocracy will present a unique opportunity to engage these young people, creating the perfect climate for diversity and inclusion.

Each dinner event will host a keynote topic from a leading industry head.

Attendees are carefully selected based on merit, outstanding achievement and influence across a particular demographic.

For its first instalment Meritocracy focuses on the issue of diversity with Keith Harris OBE in October 2016.

For its second instalment Meritocracy focuses on the issue of mental health with a keynote from Achal Dhillon, Killing Moon, in February 2017.

For its third instalment Meritocracy focuses on the issue of the role of technology in the music industry with a keynote from Jon Gisby, VEVO, in June 2017.