UK Music runs campaigns to raise awareness of key issues for the music industry among Parliament and other policy-makers across the UK. 

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UK Music runs high-profile campaigns to raise awareness among policymakers, key stakeholders, the media and the public about the important issues facing the UK music industry.

We often need the public’s support to get our issues heard. Everyone enjoys music. That’s why we need your support on our campaigns to protect and grow the music industry to ensure it is recognised as one of our key national assets.

Past campaigns have covered topics such as support for the live music industry during the Covid-19 pandemic, rights for self-employed families on maternity leave, support for artists on copyright issues in the EU, protecting music venues, and raising awareness of the importance of the industry’s talent pipeline and how to protect it.

Take a look at our UK Music campaigns to learn more about them and find out how you can support our fantastic industry in the years ahead.