UK Music Futures Board

The UK Music Futures Board was established in 2016 to give a platform to the next generation of future leaders in the industry.

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The UK Music Futures Board was established in 2016 to give a platform to the next generation of future leaders in the industry.

It includes young people from all across the business, including labels, publishers, live agents, managers, publicists, lawyers, producers, artists and songwriters.

The Futures Board meets regularly to discuss key issues affecting the music business and feeds directly into the Board of UK Music, which is the collective voice of the industry.

The Futures Board is Chaired by artist manager Amanda Maxwell.

Mission Statement
With a strong emphasis on the future, the committee members strive to live by the values and goals of the group through their own work and promote those values and goals to their broader network within the industry. The group is made up of members from a variation of different backgrounds with a cross-section of lived experiences.


Mentoring In Music

Mentoring In Music is a guide produced by UK Music Group member Frank Hamilton. The guide is designed with practical use in mind and contains a brief explanation on what mentoring is, the many benefits and a step-by-step guide on how to go about getting a mentor, and also tips and advice on being a mentor. Read the guide here.

The guide is also accompanied by a directory of mentoring schemes, which can be found here.

The project is part of a wider call by UK Music and the UK Music Futures Group to support the talent pipeline and encourage diversity and inclusion within the industry.

You can read pieces from the Futures Board on gender, disability and trans issues in the music industry here.

Read more about UK Music and the UK Music Futures Board’s call to the industry here and here , and a piece from Frank Hamilton here.

Futures Board Advisor Sandie Shaw OBE said:

“The Futures Board is an amazing enterprise for UK Music. How I would have loved this when I started out. I have been struck by the lack of age diversity on all the boards and think tanks I sit on.

“Young people need the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge base while they are still young so they can feel comfortable and confident in representing their views and ideas to bring a fresh approach and experience of music that we all can share.

“This will really enrich our knowledge base as an industry and help us move forward in an energetic and contemporary way. Blow the cobwebs away!”

Futures Board Chair Amanda Maxwell said:

“The Futures Board can play a key role in bringing about positive and long-lasting change in the music industry.

“I am excited for what is to come and can only keep encouraging my peers and mentors to do the same. We must be the change.”

The Futures Board supports UK Music campaigns and its members regularly speak and engage with key industry events such as BBC Introducing Live, SXSW and other events.